Dynasty or Perpetual Trusts

When it is important to preserve your wealth a Dynasty, or Perpetual Trust, may be a good solution.


A Dynasty Trust is -

  • A tool to preserve wealth for successive generations
  • A legal method to minimize Federal estate, gift, and inheritance taxes
  • A strategy for asset protection from creditors, judgments, and divorces
  • Irrevocable at document signing or upon death


Dynasty Trusts are most beneficial when -

  • Your family has a high net worth
  • You have cash, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and insurance policies to preserve
  • You want to benefit future generations in a way that works in concert with your estate plan
  • You want peace of mind knowing assets are secure and goals are fulfilled


Why South Dakota is 'Trust-friendly' -

  • No state income tax
  • No state estate or inheritance tax
  • No Trust (fiduciary) income tax
  • No 'Rule Against Perpetuities' (the Trust can last forever)
  • Ranked in the top four states for Trusts (Trusts & Estates magazine - January 2012)
  • State law allows for designation of an outside investment advisor


A South Dakota Dynasty Trust requires the following -

  • All Trust assets, or physical evidence of such assets, are located in South Dakota
  • The Trustee is an individual, bank, or Trust company located in South Dakota
  • The administration occurs wholly or partly in South Dakota.


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