Dacotah Bank Employees Contribute to the Community

Aberdeen, SD – Dacotah Bank employees participated in activities throughout the month of December to fundraise and support the local community. The impact of the generous donations was widespread.  Aberdeen employees supported five May Overby Elementary school families (21 people), the Bob Zerr family and 415 local children through the Salvation Army Snack Pack program.

Activities included fundraising by wearing jeans on Fridays, participating in a coin challenge, selling raffle tickets and hosting a Christmas meal for employees.  From all of the activities, donations exceeded $6,000.  Donated funds were used to purchase Christmas gifts and other necessities along with special gift certificates that may be used long after the holidays are over.  Each family also received a turkey courtesy of Dacotah Insurance.  In addition, employee teams donated food and other items to fill 415 Salvation Army Snack Pack bags.

The Salvation Army was very grateful for the donations Dacotah Bank provided.  Major Mary Hunt said “Thank you and all of your helpers for taking care of our snack packs.  We really appreciate your help during the busiest week of the year for us.”

The May Overby school counselor was overwhelmed with the donation.  "You have no idea the differences you are making when you perform these acts of kindness.  Your fundraising campaign is an amazing thing and your staff truly touches the lives of many families when they selflessly give to others" state Dustin Pickrel.

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