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To ensure that you and your information are kept as secure as possible when you use the internet, we have joined up with Webroot to offer you their SecureAnywhere software free of charge. SecureAnywhere works on top of any anti-virus software you already have on your computer. But unlike your anti-virus software, it is designed to protect your personal information, like bank account details and passwords, when you are using the internet. SecureAnywhere protects you in three ways:

  1. It ensures the websites you visit are genuine and makes sure they are not phishing websites
  2. It ensures the login information you enter is meant for the website you are using
  3. It protects your personal information, even if there is malicious software running on your PC

SecureAnywhere takes only seconds to install and once you’ve installed it you can just leave it running in the background as it updates automatically.


By downloading and installing Webroot SecureAnywhere you agree with Webroot's terms and conditions. Dacotah Bank is not responsible for, nor do we guarantee, the content or services associated with this product. All inquiries regarding Webroot SecureAnywhere should be directed to Webroot Support.


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