Dacotah Bank Prevx SafeOnline FAQ

Background to the Offering and the Product

Why are you offering the Prevx SafeOnline software?
The sensitive information you share on the internet is invaluable to fraudsters. Without protecting this information all of the time, on all websites, your identity and your money may be at risk. Prevx SafeOnline provides you with an additional layer of protection when you are banking, shopping and transacting online. This is provided to you free of charge.


What does it protect?
Prevx SafeOnline protects all the details that you may share with an internet banking, web shopping or social networking website, such as: login details, passwords, account numbers, credit card details, social security numbers and personal information such as addresses, dates of birth etc. Prevx SafeOnline protects these details all of the time against threats like phishing and malware, which may try to steal your information.


Who are Prevx?
Prevx are a leading supplier of PC security products. Their products are designed to be fast, effective and user-centric, whilst providing a high level of protection for your PC and the information you share on the internet.


What is the difference between Prevx SafeOnline and my anti-virus software?
Prevx SafeOnline is focused on protecting the details you share with a website; anti-virus software is focused on detecting and removing viruses on your PC:

Protection Anti-Virus Software Prevx SafeOnline:
Protects credentials entered into websites from being stolen by malware No Yes
Alerts you if you try to access a phishing website No Yes
Alerts you if malware tries to re-direct you to a malicious website No Yes
Prevents malware from being able to copy the information on a webpage No Yes
Detects existing malware and viruses on your PC, and those trying to install Yes Yes
Removes malware and viruses on your PC Yes No – Can upgrade to Prevx 3.0
anti-virus software
Advises you if the operating system and browser on your PC are not fully secure or up No Yes



What are the system requirements to install and run the Prevx SafeOnline software?
The software has an extremely light footprint, meaning it has minimal impact on the speed of your PC, and will run effectively even on very low specification PCs. However, for best performance we would recommend at least the following:

  • 10MB of free hard disk space
  • 128MB of RAM
  • Intel Pentium/Celeron family, or AMD K6/Athlon/Duron family, or compatible processor recommended


What operating systems and browsers does Prevx SafeOnline software work on?
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, Windows 7, 32 & 64bit.
Supported browsers: Internet Explorer (versions: 5/6/7/8), Mozilla Firefox (versions: 1/2/3), Google Chrome (versions: 2/3), Opera (versions: 9/10).


Will the Prevx SafeOnline software slowdown my PC?
The software is very different from other security products as it has been designed to be extremely quick and unobtrusive, with a high level of protection. It is small at under 1MB, and downloads in seconds. It is also extremely light, having minimal impact on the speed of your PC.

The software maintains a real-time link to Prevx so that it is always up to date with the latest threats, so you do not need to worry about updates to your PC, which other security products need to do to protect you.


Do I still need to use the existing anti-virus software on my PC?
Yes, you still need to use anti-virus software on your PC. Prevx SafeOnline gives you added protection on top of your existing anti-virus software, which does not protect the information you share with websites. Prevx SafeOnline also works alongside all other security products without conflict and without slowing down your PC.

Dacotah Bank customers who install Prevx SafeOnline can also purchase Prevx 3.0, award winning anti-virus software from Prevx, at a discounted price. Prevx 3.0 specialises in detecting and removing the latest viruses, and is extremely light and fast, so doesn’t slow down your PC like other anti-virus software.

If you have Prevx SafeOnline installed, you can purchase Prevx 3.0 via the ‘buy’ option on the SafeOnline software console. You can access the console using the Prevx [tray icon] icon. This will then upgrade your SafeOnline version with Prevx 3.0; no further download is required.

Prevx 3.0, combined with Prevx SafeOnline, will give you comprehensive protection for both your PC and your credentials when using the internet. You can choose to replace your existing anti-virus software with Prevx 3.0 and Prevx SafeOnline, or run the software side by side, as Prevx software is compatible with all leading anti-virus software.


Installing the software

Do I need to have admin rights to install the Prevx SafeOnline software?
Yes, to install the software admin rights are required.


I am not technical. Is the software difficult to set up?
No. The product has been designed to be simple, fast and intuitive to set up and run. It takes just a few seconds to download and install, after which you will be fully protected. Immediately after installing the software, it will display an information page advising how the software works.


I have tried to download the Prevx SafeOnline software and it says there may be an infection blocking the installation, what should I do?
Please re-try installing the software. If you are still not able to install the software, please contact Prevx who will be able to help you. Prevx provide Online support at Prevx Support.


The Prevx SafeOnline software is asking me to enter proxy settings, what should I do?
The software is asking you for this as the PC you are using is part of a network, this is typically at work or a business. So the software can get access to the latest threat information and run scans, it needs to connect to Prevx. Entering the proxy settings will allow your PC to connect to Prevx. Your proxy settings are typically your username and password for this PC. If these are not the correct details for this network, you will need to contact the administrator for this network.


How do I uninstall Prevx SafeOnline?
If you need to uninstall Prevx SafeOnline, you should:

  • Open the Windows control panel
  • Select ‘uninstall a program’
  • Select Prevx, and uninstall

To fully reset your PC, it is recommended you then perform a re-start. Following this you can re-install the software if you wish.


Day-to-Day use of the software

Will the Prevx SafeOnline software affect me using the internet?
No. The software is designed to be unobtrusive, letting you know that a website is secure via a ‘tab’ on the top of the URL bar on your internet browser; this will be either green or blue. Only if the software identifies a threat will it interject, by displaying a clear warning message on your screen.


What does the blue ‘tab’ mean on my Internet browser?
The blue ‘tab’ is the default state for all standard websites. This protects you against malicious websites which try to install viruses, adware, etc, on your computer, along with fraudulent websites and phishing attacks that try to fool you into entering your personal or banking details.


I have a green ‘tab’ on my internet browser, what does this mean?
This is the default protection for all secure HTTPS webpages, such as online banking and online shopping websites. This mode completely secures your browser, increasing the protection of your details against theft even if your PC is infected with malicious software. When this tab is displayed, you are protected against all forms of online fraud, including; Keyloggers, screen grabbers and every other form of attack.


Why am I asked if I want to secure my password on a website?
For users of Internet Explorer, when you are entering a password into a secure (HTTPS) website, you will asked if you want to protect your password for use only on that website. You can also save the same password use on multiple secure (HTTPS) websites if you wish. This feature adds a further layer of protection from phishing. You will also be asked if you wish to save your passwords automatically in future, when accessing secure (HTTPS) websites.

If you have chosen to turn off password protection, you can turn it back on by selecting the reset button on the Prevx SafeOnline console, guidance on how to use this is available in the user guide: Prevx Help - reset

For users with Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera – Due to the configuration of these browsers, it is not currently possible to prompt users if they want to protect their password for use on a secure (HTTPS) website when they are accessing a website. However, users of these browsers can manually protect their passwords, by using the SafeOnline credential protection feature.


Does the Prevx SafeOnline software know my password?
Prevx will never store your password. Instead an irreversible mathematical calculation known as a "Hash", is created of your password. Prevx will use this “Hash” to check your password is being used on the correct website.


Is there a user guide on how to use the Prevx SafeOnline software?
A user guide is available on the Prevx Online support website at: http://info.prevx.com/safehelp.asp


I have other security products that I need to update every day. Will I need to do this with the Prevx SafeOnline software?
No. The software updates automatically.


Alerts by the software

What is the Prevx SafeOnline security review?
This is a report that the software provides you on the security state of your PC. The report will advise you on the state of your operating system, browser and security software, recommending any actions you should take to ensure your PC is protected. The report will also advise you of any security concerns or infections on your PC, and the recommended actions you should take. The report will only be shown to you if there is a gap in the security of your PC.


Prevx SafeOnline says that the website I am trying to access is a phishing website, what should I do?
Prevx have identified this website as a phishing website. It is recommended that you block the website, stop any downloads that may be occurring and close the browser. To go to the website you have chosen you should open up a new browser and type in the URL.


Prevx SafeOnline says that I am trying to enter my credentials into a website that I do not use them on, what should I do?
You have stored these credentials for use with a particular website you have protected. Prevx SafeOnline has identified you are either entering this inadvertently into a different website, or you have been re-directed to a fake website. You should select ‘Block’ on the alert message. You will then be re-directed to the legitimate website.

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