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Job Title: Mortgage Banker
Location: Brookings
Department: Lending
FLSA Status: Non Exempt
Job Grade: Level 1 – (10, 11); Level 2 – (12, 13); Level 3 – (14)
Report to: Market President

Job Summary
Responsible for origination, underwriting and closing of residential real estate loans in accordance with established lending objectives, policies and procedures; establish and maintain positive relationships with leading and real estate agencies in the community.

Primary Accountabilities

Perform full range of duties pertaining to the credit function regarding mortgage loans in accordance with established lending policies and practices.


Solicit and receive loan applications; request credit status, banking and other references, conduct on-site inspections, order appraisals, etc.


Correspond with or interview applicant or creditors to resolve questions regarding the application;


Analyze applicant's financial status, credit and property evaluation to determine feasibility of granting loan request;


Approve loans within specified limits;


Communicate loan decision to applicants, including rationale for decisions, and assures necessary supporting documents are prepared.


Direct and participate in the closing of approved residential real estate loan agreements; ensure that all required closing documents are prepared and processed.





Secondary Accountabilities

Keep abreast of new developments and trends in the residential real estate loan market; identify potential lending opportunities and participate in the development and implementation of plans and programs to respond to these opportunities.


Participate in the establishment of residential real estate lending goals and profitability objectives and in the development and implementation of policies and procedures to assure the achievement of those goals; recommend new policies or policy revisions as necessary to improve efficiency and control.


Provide assistance to co-workers with difficult internal problems or customer inquiries or problems. Ensure prompt and courteous response to customer inquiries.


Assist in the development of manuals and supporting documentation to accomplish tasks/duties inherent in this position.


Maintain education and professional expertise through attendance at job related seminars, conferences and workshops and involvement in professional civic and community groups in leadership positions.


Perform other duties as assigned.  Utilizes government programs when deemed necessary to meet customers credit needs.



The qualifications for this job are as follows:


 Knowledge, skill and mental development equivalent to the completion of a college education (in the field of finance), which includes specific courses/ experience in residential real estate lending, business administration, and communications.


Experience in originating Federal Housing Authority (FHA), Veterans Affairs (VA), Federal National Mortgage (Fannie Mae), construction loans and conventional loans for homebuyers


Strong administrative and interpersonal skills to interact well with clients and prospects and help them "manage" payments for mortgage.


Good verbal communication skills as evidenced by the ability to interact both face-to-face and over the telephone with customers and co-workers.  Demonstrated ability to use tact, diplomacy, and a "professional" personal appearance, when dealing with customers and co-workers.


Analytical (statistical), organizational, time management, and problem-solving ability.


Good written communication skills.  Good proof reading and editing skills.




Level 1 – Attainment of this position is contingent upon successful mastery of the skills and responsibilities inherent in 2-3- years’ bank lending experience or equivalent education in residential real estate loan transactions, procedures and policies.


Level 2 – Successful attainment of Level 1 with satisfactory performance rating (or equivalent) for the last 2 consecutive years.  5 – 6 years’ bank real estate lending experience or equivalent education in bank lending procedures and policies.


Level 3 – Successful attainment of Level 2 with satisfactory performance rating (or equivalent) for the last 2 consecutive years.  7+ years’ bank real estate lending experience Demonstrates above average management of lending portfolio.


Performance Measures

The performance measures for this job shall be those established in the incumbent’s current Performance Planning and Appraisal Program.  The Primary Accountabilities in this job description together with the incumbent’s established performance measures serve as the vocational objectives.  If you are just entering this job, you and your supervisor will meet within the first two weeks of your employment to establish your performance measures for the current year.





              Has daily contact with loan processing personnel in matters pertaining to loan accounting, loan processing or other support operations of mortgage lending.



              Has frequent contact with real estate agents in the community.


              Has moderate to frequent contact with real estate business and community groups regarding residential real estate activities, lending opportunities and programs.



Hardware and Software Requirements

The hardware and software required to do this job are as follows:

  1. Hardware:
    1. Telephone;
    2. Personal Computer; and
    3. Copy Machine, Facsimile Machine, Printer and other basic office equipment; and


  1. Software:
    1. Microsoft Office Products (including Word, Excel, Visio and PowerPoint)
    2. Core Banking System; and
    3. Mortgage Software.



Exertion/Physical Requirements

The exertion and physical requirements of this job are as follows:


  1. Moving objects weighing up to 25 pounds;
  2. Sitting at least half of the work day;
  3. Standing as much as 40 percent of the work day;
  4. Walking approximately 10 percent of the work day;
  5. Placing objects on and removing objects from shelves;
  6. Dexterity and Coordination;
  7. Reading;
  8. Oral and Written (including Typing) Communication; and
  9. Listening and Hearing.
Employment Application Instructions

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